Friday, May 5, 2017

The Hush by Skye Melki-Wegner

I've got a new YA to share with everyone today! It is so new, that it doesn't come out until June 6th, but I have my advanced reading copy to give away!! To enter, just fill out the rafflecopter form. If you don't see it, click 'read more'. So, check out The Hush by Skye Melki-Wegner.

The Story-
Chester, a young fiddler, is looking for his missing father. He is traveling the countryside searching Inns for information about 'The Missing', people who become ill and suddenly vanish. Chester's only clue are his father's last words, "The Hush."

One night while playing, he accidentally hooks into The Song, the true magic of his world. It is illegal to use The Song unless one is trained and schooled. Chester is arrested and sentenced to death. Luck is with him when a member of the notorious Nightfall Gang rescues him in return for access to The Song.

Susanna, the Captain of the Nightfall Gang, wants to take down the Songshaper school. She knows the truth, that they are behind the mysterious disappearances of town folk. Seeking his answers, Chester agrees to ride with the gang, but the whole world is out to get them, for Chester's unlicensed gift of The Song can bring ruin to their carefully arranged society.

My Thoughts-
This book was a real treat. Full of original ideas and adventure, the story will give readers a ride until the very end. The book description says it is for lovers of Catherine Fisher’s Incarceron, which immediately intrigued me, because Incarceron was a prison inside a small world, and so I wondered, what would The Hush really be?

Ah, but the answer is so very interesting, even more so because the author never explains how it got to be the way it is, only what it currently involves. I know, a little puzzling, but reading the book will explain everything. The conclusion was beyond my imagining and really stood out.

There is a side romance between Chester and Susanna which is a touch of softness amongst the journey. You'll also see a steam punk side to travel and weaponry that is quirky and fun. This is a must read for fantasy fans. I'm giving it 5 stars!



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  1. What a stunning cover. Thanks for telling me about this book. It sounds terrific.