Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Editor Melissa Manlove, Chronicle Books

Rounding out my series on the agents and editors that spoke during the panel at the SCBWI WWA Spring Conference is Chronicle editor Melissa Manlove.

Melissa Manlove is a senior editor at Chronicle Books in San Francisco, and has been with Chronicle for 12 years. Her acquisitions tend to be all ages in nonfiction, ages 0-8 in fiction. When acquiring, she looks for fresh takes on familiar topics as well as the new and unusual. An effective approach and strong, graceful writing are important to her.

What does your query need to hit gold? A place in the marketplace. She told us, "There are so many books, so many readers. You need an audience of thousands. At least ten thousand to make it profitable."

What is she looking for?
"I don't have a wishlist. I've acquired old stuff that at first didn't sound good, but after reading it I fell in love." She did add, "I am looking for the next thing that surprises the hell out of me!" Diversity is in high demand too.

Her advice to writers?
1. Persistence. Keep revising. Keep writing. Keep reading. This is an industry that rewards perseverance. You can make yourself a better writer.
2. Get Feedback and revise.
3. Take leaps forward. It's magic, something we can't do for you.

For more information check out the Chronicle Books Blog.

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