Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Grammar Guru- Introductory Phrases

Let's see what Grammar Guru Terry Deighton has to say about Introductory Phrases in this weeks grammar tip for writers.

An introductory adjective phrase has to modify or describe the subject of the sentence. Watch those gerunds (a verb that functions as a noun and ends in -ing)

Wrong- Walking through the woods, the trees were magnificent.

What? The trees were walking?

Right- Walking through the woods, Crystal marveled at the magnificent trees.

About Terry Deighton
Terry Deighton lives in Washington, the state not D.C., with her husband, Al. Their six children are grown and gone, and pets tend to complicate life. When she is not visiting her children and grandchildren, writing and revising, again and again, she works as a substitute teacher.


  1. That's a great example. It should make writers sit up and take notice. Thanks.