Monday, March 11, 2019

Carrie's Flight by Lois Wickstrom and Francie Mion

Welcome to Middle Grade Monday! Today I have an author interview with Lois Wickstrom, one half of the creative team behind Carrie's Flight. It is part of their STEM book collection, whose purpose is to let children discover the world around them when they play, discover in nature what they will later learn to call science, and find joyous approaches to life.

The Book-
The book is about Carrie, her Grandma, and the starlings they love to watch together.

The Creative Duo-
Lois Wickstrom, author
Lois earned her BA in biology with Chemistry and English minors. She is the creator of the Imagenie videos on YouTube and "Starting With Safety" available from the American Chemical Society.

Francie Mion, artist
Francie Mion got a degree in fine art, then included fine art again into her life after a long career in therapeutic massage.

The Interview with Lois-
1. Tell me about your book in your own words.

Magic runs in the women of Carrie's family. Her grandmother, her father's mother, was the last magical member of the family. Now, because of her love for Grandma, Carrie is developing her magic and learning to use the wondrous treasures that have been passed down through her family. In this book, she learns to fly with the starlings in order to visit her grandma at her new home. This series has three other books, each exploring one of the gifts. The wandas are female wands. The fascinator is a magical hat. The dowsing rods truly search out value. Most of all Carrie has family as her top priority. The magic works to strengthen her connection to her grandmother.

2. How do you think your book will relate to kids in today’s world?

Children in all time periods imagine they can fly. They will enjoy Carrie's flight in this story.

3. Is there a message you wish to convey with this book?

Love is magic.

4. Tell me about your writing process.

This book started out as a flying fantasy in which Carrie finds ancient magical wings. At first, she found them at a theater where her brother was in a play.  In a later version, she found them in a closet in her home. In that version, she was an only child.  Once the wings were in her closet, it felt as if they had belonged to her grandmother, who was still alive, and hoped Carrie would find them.  As soon as this part of the story became clear, I knew there were three more boxes in the closet that Grandma had left for Carrie.  All of these items only work their magic because of the love between Carrie and her grandmother.  One of them also strengthens the love between Carrie and her parents.

5. What were your favorite books to read as a child or teen?

I loved The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins , Bartholomew and the Oobleck,  The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe,  Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and Millions of Cats.

Thank you Lois!

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  1. I especially enjoyed her answers to the writing process question. Sounds like a magical story worth reading.

  2. Carrie's Flight sounds magical! And I like how the magic connects Carrie with her family, especially her grandmother. Enjoyed the interview with Lois as it made the story even more intriguing.

  3. The writing process is always of interest. Thanks for the interview. The book sounds charming.

  4. Sounds like a magical book. I have always wanted to fly (as a child and even now, as an adult). Thanks for sharing!