Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Manuscript Wishlist 3/20/19

Welcome to Inside the Publishing World Wednesday! Today I am sharing those tweets from agents and editors about their wishlist manuscripts.

Linda Epstein- Literary Agency @EmeraldCityLit
I am still closed to unsolicited queries. I will be open to middle grade & young adult manuscript submissions only from April 1st through June 30th, 2019. Please check #MSWL to see what I'm looking for.
I have been asking for/yearning for a middle grade or YA story set in the Shanghai Jewish Ghetto during World War 2 for NINE YEARS. I REALLY want this. If you have written that story, please send it to me! #MSWL

Quressa Robinson (she/her/queen)- Lit agent @ NLA.
Things that always excite me:
1. Magic/Magic Schools
2. Dragons
3. Creepy Forest
4. Fae
5. Dark/Stabby
6. Romance/Kissy
7. Retellings
8. Witches


Vicki Lame -Editor, @StMartinsPress
#MSWL still waiting on the YA vampires that will make me go YES THIS
 #MSWL the next Melina Marchetta; smart, funny fiction featuring diverse main characters & casts (YA or adult); YA graphic novels (sweet romances or coming of age stories) & YA graphic memoir; adult fantasy; epistolary novels (YA or adult).

Dawn Dowdle

#MSWL Cozy Mysteries (female protagonists), Mysteries, Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Historical Romance, Romantic Comedies, Amish Romances  70-90K word count preferred.

Lauren’s the Worst -Associate Lit Agent @TriadaUS
Jewish fantasy or sci-fi!! #mswl

Chelsey Emmelhainz- Senior editor at @crookedlanebks
New #MSWL: adult suspense novel featuring a pregnant protagonist

Jessica Faust- President of BookEnds Literary Agency
Definitely interested in a book on this theme: women's fiction, psych suspense, suspense, thriller (YA would be better for @jamerrson) #MSWL

Adria Goetz- Lit agent
The legendary Andrea Davis Pinkney once said, "We need to see more black kids riding dragons" and this is basically my #MSWL summed up.

Marisa DiNovis- Associate Editor at Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers.
 Genre-bending, standalone YA spec fic that puts me in the mind of Jane, Unlimited—a book I read over a year ago and still think about on a weekly basis. Bonus points for a sweeping yet claustrophobic setting like Tu Reviens! #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency
"I’m looking for nonfiction for kids! Both YA and MG. Any topic goes—surprise me!" @msmariavicente #MSWL

P.S. Literary Agency
"Multi POV, time slip or dual past/present narrative structure women’s fiction, historical, domestic suspense, or upmarket like THE ALICE NETWORK, THE SUBWAY GIRLS." @carlywatters #MSWL

Sarah Barley -Editor @flatironbooks
My niche seems to be publishing books featuring fantastical, magical trees. Send me your magical trees.

And in reply-

Allie Levick-Junior Agent at Writers House Literary Agency.
I, too, am a witchy lady of the forest. #MSWL

A what not to send-
Andrea Hintz- Editor @FillesVertesPub.
Ok #writerscommunity, my #MSWL no longer includes historical fiction. You have buried me in enough HF queries that I will be historical fiction by the time I get through them all.

Kerstin Wolf- Literary Agent at D4EO
This also includes a queen that goes after what she wants and won’t tolerate being walked over! A queen that runs a tight ship. #mswl

Peter Knapp- Lit agent with @parkandfine.
#mswl - a sweeping middle grade series with heart and humor! Related, but more specifically: a middle grade series with puzzle-y elements. And, always, middle grade with magic, especially cozy magic!

Stephanie Stein -Editor ‏@HarperChildrens & @HarperTeen
 “Cozy magic” is my new eternal wish list item. EXTREME bonus points if I get a magical school with it. #mswl

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