Friday, March 8, 2019

SYNCHED by Deanna Browne- Author Interview and Giveaway

Welcome to YA Friday! Today I have a new release to share, Synched by Deanna Browne. I had a great time interviewing her and she's offering one ebook up to a lucky reader. Fill out the rafflecopter form to enter.

The Book:
 After escaping from a life of government slavery, Ari finds employment with world renowned tech company and hopes it’s the haven she’s been looking for. But as she begins training, her misgivings grow. As Ari fulfills her obligations, her employer’s fa├žade dissolves and her role twists into something she never imagined. Thrust inside a virtual world, Ari is caught in the middle of a treacherous political game where misplaced trust can be deadly. Yet, her only choice is to play, or those she loves will be forced to pay the price.

The Author:

DeAnna Browne graduated from Arizona State University with her BS in Psychology. She finds it helps to corral those voices in her mind and put them to paper. Her debut novel, A DEMON RISING, was out in August 2017 with Black Opal Books. An avid reader and writer, she loves all things fantastical and bizarre with a touch of romance. Despite her love for food and traveling, she always finds her way back to Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, children, and pet dog.

The Interview:
1. Can you tell me about the overall story arc of your series and how this book fits in? The Hard Wired Trilogy
is a futuristic story about a sixteen year old girl, Ari Mendez, who is struggling with the conscripted life her government has laid out for her. Yet, since her father is in a virtual reality coma and Ari’s mom has to work two jobs to keep them afloat, it leaves Ari with no choice but to accept her position. Away at school, Ari soon develops a rare talent in working with virtual reality programming, one that governments and corporations will kill to possess.

Synched, book two, happens after Ari has escaped her government planned life, and she is taking control of her future. Unfortunately, nothing is ever as it seems, and her safety and luxury come at a price. She finds herself forced to be a tool in virtual reality espionage or those she loves will pay a price.

2. What keeps you writing when you hit a roadblock? I’m very goal oriented. So when I’m ready to give up, I tell myself I can quit later, after this book or after these thousand words. When that time comes, the moment of discouragement has passed, and I’m ready to set my next goal.

 3. What were your favorite books to read as a kid? My favorite book as a child was Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. I enjoyed historical fiction, often amazed and scared by human behavior.

4. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? Devour books, learn as much as you can about the craft, find a positive support group and just keep writing.  This can be a soul crushing industry, so find your tribe that will pick you up during the rough times and learn as much as you can, so every new sentence is better than the last.

The Giveaway:

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Check out Book 1- Hooked



  1. Technology in the future wow I think we will see things that are truly unbelievable.

    1. Yep, I'm waiting for Back to the Future cars and Hooverboards.

  2. Scary and dangerous and no more privacy or personal agency or freedom. That's where I see tech going.

    1. Yes, I see that too. It is more of a given now if you are on the internet. Privacy will be a word of the past.

  3. I do love the cover. Thanks for an interesting interview. I will pass on the giveaway. I don't read ebooks. I know. I'm such a Luddite.