Monday, October 28, 2019

Book Review- The Mystwick School of Musicraft By Jessica Khoury

Welcome To Middle-Grade Monday! Today I'm doing something different, I'm reviewing a book that I listened to on Audible. Sometimes I get headaches, and instead of laying in the dark, I've taken to listening to books on tape, so to speak. So, since I listened, I can't attest to any grammar errors. This review is on plot, story, and characters.

The Story-
Amelia Jones lives with her grandmother and there is nothing she wants more than to attend the Mystwick School of Musicraft just like her mom did. Amelia plays her flute all the time practicing for the upcoming auditions. When the day arrives, everything goes wrong, and Amelia feels sure she did not make it.

Imagine her surprise when the letter arrives letting her know she earned one of the four coveted spots for flute players. Then, everything falls apart again and Amelia is forced to show her gumption and skills to remain at the prestigious school. Only, that's not all she is dealing with. A mysterious ghost is haunting her, sabotaging all her projects, and her roommate hates her. There is also a mysterious storm raging and Amelia hears the teachers' worried whispers. It's up to Amelia to save the school and prove her worth.

My Thoughts-
This book rocked! And the audiobook was even better. They actually play the music in the background that Amelia is playing or hearing in the book. So cool. The story itself does not let the reader down.

Amelia's mom passed away when she was a baby and all she wants is to play the flute her mother left behind and go to the same music school. The thing is, Amelia is from a small farming area, and though she had a musicraft teacher, she soon discovers that it isn't even close to what other youth have had in their preparations. Amelia is forced to put everything she has into every assignment she is given. Her struggle is real, and whenever she seems to take a step forward, the ghost swats her back. The author does a great job with Amelia, her thoughts, reactions, and doubts are very believable.

There are several twists that keep popping up in the story, plot turns that add to the story in wonderful ways. When I finished listening to this book I immediately went to look for a sequel, but nothing is listed, as yet. I really hope something else comes out soon. I loved this story for its uniqueness, quirkiness, and depth. I'm giving it 5 stars!



  1. I like the idea of a magical musical school. Instead of wands, musical instruments? I'm intrigued by your comments. And kudos for reviewing from an audible book -- that would be a challenge. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've not ever listened to an audio version of a book, but this one intrigues me with the added music. The plot also sounds unique. Thanks for sharing on MMGM

  3. It sounds like this is a book that really lends itself to audio. I do like the idea of a magical music school. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. This sounds wonderful and definitely worth seeking out the audiobook!! I love that it includes music!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction