Thursday, October 31, 2019

Picture Book Round-Up- Bea's Bees by Katherine Pryor

Welcome to Picture Book Round-Up. Today I am looking at a new release, Bea's Bees, written by Katherine Pryor and illustrated by Ellie Peterson.

The Story-
Beatrix finds a beehive in the tree at her local park and continues to visit it every day. She loves to watch the bees fly around, visit flowers, and bring back food for their hive. One day, the bees are gone! Bea decides to find out what she can do to bring them back to the park. She talks to her science teacher, reads tons of books, and even does a school project where she hands out flower seeds for friends to plant.

Her efforts pay off and soon the bees are buzzing.

My Thoughts-
This picture book is a really good example of how you can introduce science and nature to young readers. Bea's adventures allow readers to learn about solving problems. The last few pages of the book include facts about the importance of bees and how they are necessary for fruits and nuts that humans eat. There is also a colorful illustration of the types of flowers that bees like best so those young ones can do their part to help the low bee population.

Bea is very brave. I wouldn't be one to keep an eye on a beehive or even check out its honeycomb. Perhaps a word of caution about the danger of bees should be given, maybe even a look at honeybees versus bumble bees. However, the overall message of the book is needed and I love how Bea figures out a way to solve her own problem. Great illustrations and a good message. I'm giving this book 4 stars!

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