Thursday, October 10, 2019

Picture Book Round-Up -Our Big Little Place by James A. Conan and Nicolle Lalonde

Welcome to October Picture Book Round-Up! Today I am reviewing Our Big Little Place by James A. Conan, illustrated by Nicolle Lalonde.

This story revolves around a little boy who lives in an apartment with his parents. He often overhears them mention how small their place is, but to him, it is his whole world. He doesn't understand what they mean. He loves to play pretend, hide and seek or basketball with his parents. There is even a big park where he can play with other kids. To him, it is perfect. When he is with his family it never feels small.

Great storyline, however, I have to point out the name of the boy is never given, but every other character is listed. That hit me as an odd mistake. There are wonderful scenes using the boy's imagination and lots of family fun and togetherness. So many families live in apartments or in a big city, so I think kids will relate well to their world being what is in their eyesight. I'm giving this book a 3.5!

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