Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Picture Book Round-Up The Seed Who was Afraid to be Planted by Anthony DeStefano and Erwin Madrid

Welcome to October Picture Book Round-Up. Today I am reviewing a new release PB, The Seed Who was Afraid to be Planted by Anthony DeStefano, illustrated by Erwin Madrid. It came out just yesterday! Oct. 7th.

This is a delightful picture book that tells the story of a little seed that likes hanging out with all the other seeds. He doesn't want to be planted. When the day comes that the farmer removes him from the drawer, the seed is terrified. He doesn't understand why he is put into a hole and buried with soil. However, as he grows, and his branches and leaves reach high, be realizes how much he missed by being in a drawer and how his view is now filled with beauty.

The illustrations are lush and vivid. I really enjoyed looking at all the seeds and animals and highly recommend it for the artwork alone. The story is done in rhyme, however, the cadence doesn't always ring true and I got thrown out of the story at times. It really is hard to do a rhyming book that works. The plot though pulls through and the story is at the end related to Bible verses of seeds becoming plants. I didn't know it had a religious twist until the end, and it actually made the story more real to me. I liked it. I'm giving it 4 stars!

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