Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Time to meet Feiwel & Friends' assistant editor Rachel Diebel

For our Publishing spotlight today I am highlighting Feiwel & Friends assistant editor Rachel Diebel, who I met at the PNWA19 conference.

Who is Rachel?
Rachel Diebel is an assistant editor at Feiwel & Friends, where she works on middle grade and young adult novels of all genres. She got her start in publishing at St. Martin’s Press, where she worked with her supervisors on bestselling authors like Kristin Hannah and the Instagram poet Atticus. She holds a Masters in Publishing from Pace University. Rachel is originally from the Pacific Northwest and now lives in Brooklyn.

What is she looking for?
Children's Picture Books, Children's Chapter Books, Middle Grade, YA Fantasy, YA Graphic Novels, YA Historical, YA Literary, YA Mainstream, YA Mystery/Suspense, YA Romance (Romantic Comedy), YA Thriller, Indigenous stories (PB, MG, YA)

She specifically told us she is looking for the following in MG: Catchy, fun antics books, fantasy, and commercial. In non-fiction MG she would like sports. She is just now dipping her toes into the picture book world.

 In YA: High concept content with a great hook, commercial, contemporary fantasy, and Romcom. She will also look at YA short story collections.

What she doesn't want?
General nonfiction
High fantasy
Hard Sci-fi

Her advice?

Cross-over books are hard to sell. There is no section for them at Barnes & Noble. Stick to either MG or YA or they will have to pick an angle for marketing purposes. If you don't know what level your book is, don't worry, it happens often and the publisher will decide.

Can MG be dark?
Kids read up and can handle more than they are given credit for. It's often the parents' publishers are worried about. So writers often need to pull back on extreme details. The themes of the book can be dark, but the on-page descriptions are not.

What if you've self-published first?
If this is the case then it must be decided if something new can be added. We will look at adding art or bonus chapters. The self-published book must be taken down once we contract for it.

Where to find her?
On Twitter- @diebelra
You can contact her at HOWEVER, please see below.

Feiwel & Friends is part of US Macmillan- Please note that we do not accept unsolicited submissions, resumes/portfolios, and vendor inquiries via email. All emails of this nature will be deleted.

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