Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Manuscript Wish Lists - 4/4/21


I love searching through Twitter for what agents and editors are looking for on their lists. So, I occasionally find the time to put it out there for everyone. Hope it lands someone their dreams!

Elizabeth Law- Editor Holiday House

@elawreads You know what we're seeing now that's positive? Rather than a picture book bio per se, picture books about a portion of someone's life, about a new art movement, the invention of something, a [fill in the blank] or moment that changed history. #Kidlitchat

Alexandra Weiss - Associate agent at Azantian Literary

@akaweiss I’m loving all the nonfiction queries I’m getting! I’d also love to see more illustrators/graphic novelists who are interested in creating/working on NF projects for kids. #mswl

Natalie M. Lakosil - Literary Agent at Bradford Lit

@Natalie_Lakosil No joke! I'm open to queries again! 

Open until June 30! Updated #mswl here:

PB/CB/MG/YA/GN, fiction & nonfiction, and adult nonfiction.

Carly Watters - Senior Lit Agent PS Literary

@carlywatters #mswl generational stories of parenthood and family with non-binary and/or trans characters in the commercial or historical adult fiction genre (ie. heavy with plot!)

Lauren Speiller says GET VACCINATED - Lit agent Triada US

@laurenspieller If you have written a swashbuckling, rip roaring, madcap romp of a MG Fantasy, I want to read it. #mswl

Paige Terlip - Assoc Agent AndreaBrown

@PTerlip Sparkles I finally updated my #MSWL! Sparkles

CahillDavisPublishing- Digital Publisher

@PublishingDavis We know, don't mention the C word too early! BUT if you've got a Christmas themed book, submit now to publish for xmas 21. If you've got a completed manuscript that's Winter/Christmas themed, submit to us now #getpublished #mswl #aspiringauthor #christmas.

Terri Baranowski - Lit Agent Gateway

@AgentTerri Gateway Literary is seeking manuscripts in the following genres: psychological and crime thrillers, mystery, contemporary fiction, memoirs and YA. Send your submissions with a synopsis and bio to List QUERY in the subject box. #writingcommunity #mswl

Bibi Lewis- Agent Ethan Ellenberg Lit

@Bibi_Lewis In fact, please give me your high powered lawyer/fixer with dishy clients women's fiction or romance. The chillier the exterior the better #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency

@PSLiterary “Middle Grade fantasy based on non-Western folklore.” @msmariavicente  #MSWL

Carly Hayward, Editor Book Light Editorial

@FromCarly Let’s start with the basics. Here’s my MSWL! It’s pretty thorough, but I always miss something. Basically: give me all the dark, nuanced fantasy and/or scifi #RevPit

Kim Lindman- Assoc Literary Agent- Stonesong

@kim_lindman  all this Satan talk has reminded me that I'd LOVE a re-telling of Paradise Lost #MSWL

Emelie Burl - Associate Agent at Susan Schulman Literary Agency

@BigKidBookworm Okay, time to share my #MSWL: 

Children's, YA, & Pop Culture Nonfiction are my Bread&Butter. I love stories of hope and humor, a good rom-com, strong female leads, and magic of all sorts! Big fan of LGBT+ and BIPOC joy. I don't love murder. DM me for query guidelines!