Monday, May 3, 2021

Book Review and Author Interview- Bunny! Don’t Play with Your Food By Paul Schmid

I have the cutest picture book to share with everyone today. It is Bunny! Don’t Play with Your Food by Paul Schmid.

The Book-
Bunny is excited to have a carrot, but not for the reason you would think. He can’t stop playing with his food! Read along as Bunny transforms from a Bunnysaur munching on treetops to a Space Hero Bunny battling an evil Carrotship to a Giant Sea Monster chasing a carrot submarine. With lessons on table manners, eating healthy, and the power of creativity, Bunny! Don’t Play with Your Food is the perfect read-aloud for parents and children with wild imaginations and a penchant for mischief.

My Review-
I loved this book. Bunny loves to eat his carrots and he does it in every way imaginable, as a zombie, or a dinosaur, or as an astronaut. Yep, you get my meaning. Little ones will love this book and maybe eat a carrot or two in the process. 5 stars!

The Interview-
 I was able to ask Paul some questions about his new release.

1. What inspired you to write/illustrate a book about an imaginative bunny eating carrots? Did something spark the idea?

Bunny’s story was inspired by my daughter Wren. One day at the store she asked (begged) for us to buy some dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. By dinner time she was very excited and impatient; “Why do they take so long to cook?! I’m sooooo hungry!” So when they were finally out of the oven and on the table -- with the required veggies -- Wren quickly picked them up and started playing. “Rarh! Rarh!” She said.

Half a minute went by and Wren stopped. She looked up at me with tears forming in her eyes and said: “I can’t eat these; they’re my friends!” 

I completely felt for her and loved her big open heart. Imagination is real for kids! In one of my most satisfying moments as a dad, I told Wren I understood and got her something else to eat. (I later ate the dino chicken myself, but don’t tell her that!)

2. What is it like being both a writer and illustrator?
2Being able to write and illustrate my own work is challenging as well as satisfying. I delight in being able to show what I don’t directly tell and say what isn’t shown. It is a fun dance to choreograph during the creative process.

3. What advice would you give to inspiring authors/illustrators?
My advice for any creative endeavor is to stay with what moves you. For me, the best art reveals the creator’s heart, soul, and passion.

4. What’s next on your journey?
I have another book being published with Andrews McMeel! “Melville” follows a young, cute little blob of a sea-creature as it decides it is time to venture into the big undersea world to “...find a place just for me.” Without revealing the story, I’ll just say this is a book a mom and child will want to read together.

Thanks for your time, Paul!

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  1. This looks like a really cute book. Paul's story about his daughter and the chicken nuggets is awfully sweet. Thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks Rosi! This is such a cute book. So nice to hear from you again.