Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Picture Book Review- Is Was by Deborah Freedman


Is Was is a picture book by author/illustrator Deborah Freedman. The book explores the concepts of present and past, or is and was, to children. The writing is very simple. It is the illustrations that make it shine. 

Book Blurb- 

Over the course of one day, a small child experiences the way the natural world changes from sun to rain and from day to night as things transform from is to was.

Published by Antheneum Books for Young Readers, Is Was hit shelves on May 4, 2021

My Thoughts-

Like I mentioned in the intro, this is a book of few words. It focuses on before and after elements, which children can comprehend by looking at the illustrations. The words is and was are found drifting about the illustrations too, which I found peculiar but cute. Definitely a PB for very young ones trying to connect with the world and understand their environment.

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