Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Manuscript Wishlist Information for 3/2022

Looking for an agent or editor? MSWL (Manuscript Wishlist) is a good way to start. All listings are from Twitter posts.

Emily Forney- Agent BookEnds Lit


✨Hi I’m back OPEN to queries✨

I’ll make a #mswl thread throughout the day, but here are a few things I’d love to see:

✨romantic fantasies

✨assassins, spies, detectives

✨court fantasies (maybe w/fae)

✨YA contemp. retellings of 90s movies

I’m stoked to find new books!!

Tasneem Motala - Assistant Agent The Rights Factory


things that I will forever have on my #MSWL 

- sky pirates

- futuristic fantasy

- retellings of lesser-known folktales and myths

- contemporary YA with niche interests at the forefront

- found family

Eric, OPEN for MS queries- Editor 5310 Publications


We just opened for submissions 🚨 #MSWL

👉 5310 Publishing is looking for Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, LGBTQ+, and more!

👉 Please spread the word!❤️

Go to to learn more.

Lauren is opening to queries on 4/1! Get ready! - Agent Trida US Lit


I open to queries on Friday 4/1! I have a full manuscript wishlist you can see on the #MSWL website, but here are the items I'm looking for in particular:

--Adult suspense & RomCom

--YA contemp w/ a BIG commercial hook

--MG fantasy

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jaymee Goh- Editor Tachyon Publications


Looking for:

secondary-world fantasy, always;

societal effects of technological developments;

soft apocalypses;

re-tellings / re-imagininings of myths and legends (particularly from Southeast Asia, but I’ll take anywhere but England/white America);

worlds where people with disabilities have other problems beyond infrastructural obstacles;

protagonists I can assume are queer by default;

family structures that refuse the nuclear family unit system;

economies that aren’t intense hyper-capitalism;

if you must have space oppression, I expect a lot of shiny things in recompense; 

characters who are specialists in a less glamorous field (e.g. geology)

love stories: asexual romance, polyamory, platonic best friends forever, found family

authors of colour writing back to their own communities;

low-stakes, chill stories.

Kayla Cichello - Agent at Upstart Crow Literary. Open to PB - YA.


Spring 22 #MSWL:

MG/YA thrillers, rom-coms (fresh hook, please!), magical realism, & under-repped voices

Investigative journalism for MG/YA

BIPOC or #ownvoices PBs


Sub guidelines:

Eric Smith - Agent P.S. Literary Agency


Officially caught up on queries! Thanks, writer friends. Reminder, I'm especially looking for:

Stories that celebrate neurodiversity by neurodivergent authors.

🥰 Joyful fiction + NF about adoption by adoptees.

👀 Surprising genre-blending rom-coms.

Rachelle Gardner - Agent Gardner Literary


Querying authors, we're looking for non-fiction books that grapple with racial issues, LGBTQ+ issues and all social issues. No DMs. See submission guidelines here: #MSWL #InspyBooks #WritingCommunity #progressive #nonfiction

Mandy Hubbard -Founder/Agent Emerald City Lit


I could do a whole #MSWL on this (MG  or YA only please!) so here goes: 

-Enchanted. Takes place in one night. Intense romance 

- The last great American dynasty. Gimme the outsider protag who kinda relishes screwing up high society

- anything with ONLY THE YOUNG energy [FYI- Taylor Swift Reference]

Adria Goetz- Agent martin Lit


A bit of a bookworm. Literary Agent + Fairy Godmother at Martin Literary. ✨ MSWL: 


Olive Street Publishing


Have a manuscript that’s women’s fiction, chick lit, romance, or YA/NA fantasy? That’s on our #MSWL 😉 send us a submission today! #amquerying #writingcommmunity.

P.S. Literary Agency


“Send me all your ghost stories. I'll take adult fiction (scary or fun), a history of haunted places in America, an illustrated book—you name it, I'm here for it. Spook me!” 



Happy Hunting!

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